$95.00 USD

Beneath the Behaviors: A Deep Dive

About this Course:

Nearly 90% of effective problem solving is due to... deeply understanding the problem. It is not a "what to do" and "how to change my child's behavior"... but rather, understanding the "why" behind your child's unique behavior.

This course shares three different frameworks that will help you identify possible stressors, that are impacting your child's behavior. We need to become a "stress detective" and discover what these stressors might be!

This course includes the following topics:

  • Why stressors are so hard to identify
  • How to become an effective "Stress Detective"
  • Three different ways to start identifying stressors
  • Identifying the "hidden stressors"
  • The importance of identifying physiological/biological stressors that are likely to impact behavior

This course includes:

  • approximately 2 hours of 14 short videos, on average 10 minutes long
  • a PDF and Fillable Word Doc "Beneath the Behaviors: A Deep Dive Guide" so as you go through the course, you can jot down your notes, about your child in this Guide, to have a concise place to start in identifying your child's stressors!