The New Roadmap to Parenting Today:

Transform your Child’s Challenging Behavior

(without the outdated and ineffective punishment/reward trap!)


As Albert Einstein said: "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."   If what you have been doing worked, it would have worked by now.

It's time to try something different. 

You will discover the essential role of the body in behavior, as well as the reasons beneath your child’s challenging behaviors.  

And these are the secrets you will need to transform that challenging behavior into calm, connected and cooperative behavior!


Here's our New Roadmap to guide us in our parenting... 

Instead of using behavior management techniques, we reframe what we are seeing (maybe its not misbehavior, but stress behavior?), befriend the body (the autonomic nervous system in particular!) and get compassionately curious about... why? why now?

That's when real change happens. 

The New Roadmap to Parenting Today is a semi-guided learning journey, to a whole new path of parenting.  Go through the core material, including on-demand videos, handouts and assessments, at your own pace, accessible 24/7, for the life of the program, as well as ongoing, accessible support for four months, including: 

  • live office hours (both drop-in and scheduled in 20 minute sessions),
  • live trainings and workshops on special topics and Q&As, 1-2 times a month, with an option to watch any replays,
  • ongoing contact with Melissa (within the online community, live Q & As, email and office hours),
  • and a helpful community forum, for connection and support.

The investment is $900.*

*NOTE:  For anyone who joins before April 1, 2023 (April Fool's Day!)you will be a part of the "Founders' Circle", and the investment will be $450.  This program is in a new format and your feedback would be invaluable! So to compensate you for your valued feedback, you are invited to join for the $450 price. The feedback will be one short, anonymous survey, as well as any feedback you wish to share via email.  If you have ANY questions, please contact me

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Life was stressful before the global pandemic hit and upended everyone’s version of “normal”.  

And while you’re trying to hold it all together in this sh**show of the past few years, your child may also be experiencing some (or many) of these behavioral challenges:

  • Acting out
  • Defiance, resistance and pushback
  • Hitting, biting, pushing
  • Blatant disrespect, talking back, not listening
  • Tantrums
  • Meltdowns and hysterics
  • Checked out, numb, withdrawn, unreachable

And if your child is experiencing more challenging behaviors, they are not alone. 

Oh, and if YOU are also  feeling the overwhelming stress, the exhaustion, depletion and parental burnout, then you are in the right place. And you are not alone.

I have been there; I feel you and I’m here to help.

When our sweet, funny, loving son turned four, it was a perfect storm of very reasonable reasons that caused his behavior to go off the rails… tantrums, meltdowns, aggression, defiance.  I was in tears regularly, and we tried EVERYTHING. 

And they all worked. About 5%.  Nothing was the “magic bullet” I was hoping for…

Since we discovered this approach, we started experiencing fewer tantrums, that are much shorter in duration and less intense, and very few meltdowns.

And he recovers much faster, getting back to calm more quickly and more easily. Overall, he is much more calm, cooperative and able to manage the wild ride of his emotions. 

And even now, during this intense years of the pandemic with nothing but unexpected changes, loss and stress, we very rarely see that kind of challenging behavior. 

For example, recently we had experienced a series of unfortunate events at home too numerous to mention (adulting sucks sometimes) when I looked in the backseat to see our son, sitting quietly, hands gently clasped, slowly breathing, eyes closed.

When he opened his eyes, I asked him what he was doing, and he said, “Oh, it has been stressful, so I was just calming down.”

When I discovered the Self-Regulation Path, which incorporates the latest research in neuroscience, the autonomic nervous system and the science of connection, everything changed…for the better.

This had been the missing piece; and through this lens, I could now see how and why everything else helped… a little bit.

You’ve probably tried: limits, consequences, rewards, punishments, sticker charts, timeouts, yelling, not yelling, reasoning, and more.

But there is an obstacle, preventing any of these approaches from having a lasting impact, which is this:  you’ve been addressing the behavior, which is only the tip of the iceberg. And this approach – to focus on only behavior - is necessary… but not sufficient.

It is what is underneath the behavior, that is driving the behavior and this is the key (hint: the Autonomic Nervous System!) And when you are able to unpack why your child is behaving this way, then you will start to see your child differently.

And when that happens, you will start to see a different child.  Beautiful.

If we see behavior as just part of the picture, and more of an observable symptom, and ultimately, we just see behavior as a form of communication – then we can focus on what’s underneath their behavior, what the behavior is trying to tell us, and address it there, at the root… with soft eyes, care and compassion. 

And when we do that, the challenging behaviors diminish! We tip the balance to less stress and more joy and connection.

Yes! I'd like the New Roadmap to Parenting Today Mentorship Program - for $450!

In the New Roadmap Program, you will discover: 

The Body's Stress Response

An effective understanding of the “biology of the stress response” which then serves like an internal map to navigate your child back to calm.

The Behavior Iceberg

The secrets below the surface, that explain why your child is engaging in challenging behavior. What is kicking off the stress response?

The "Vulnerable Nervous System"

Why some kids have a highly sensitive nervous system which can result in a very quick trigger for big reactions and what to do about it. There are valid reasons for a nervous system that is primed for threat. 

How to Be a "Stress Detective"

Identifying the potential stressors that are driving your child's behavior is challenging. Learn to identify the overt and hidden, surprising stressors your child experiences.

How to Identify Stress Behavior

How to use physical and emotional cues to discern stress behavior from simply misbehavior. Learning to discern this difference is essential.

Strategies that Support Regulation

Learn key strategies that will make a powerful difference to support your child’s regulation (and your own). This is essentially the ability to manage stress.

Why this Training?

In completing this powerful, transformative training, you will ultimately understand what is going on beneath your child’s challenging behaviors. 

This is essential, for three reasons: 

1.  It will completely change how you relate to that challenging behavior, when you can see it for what it really is (of course, you won't always, being human and all).

2.  It is the information you need if you want to transform those behaviors for the better… to more calm, more connected and more cooperative.

3.  You will save time, effort, energy, money by directing your efforts specifically towards the root causes of the behavior, and the contributing factors.

And wait...  there's more!

Bonus #1:  Masterclass on "Discovering the New Lens of Discipline: Moving from Compliance to Connection"
This 24 minute webinar will walk you through how to handle discipline, punishments, consequences: if your child is acting out due to stress behavior, it is not willful, intentional, thoughtful behavior. Does a punishment or a consequence then prevent that kind of behavior in the future? Is that "better behavior" something that just needs to be learned? Or does your child know it is wrong, but is doing the best he or she is able to do? But in the absence of the consequences, time-outs, punishments...then what does discipline look like? This webinar will show you the way. 

Bonus #2:  Masterclass on "A New View of Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) and What Really Works"
Whether your child has an official diagnosis of ODD or not, this short course will help you understand your child's maddening, resistant, defiant behaviors, and that alone will ease stress for you, as well as highlight a more effective path forward. 

Bonus #3:  Beneath the Behavior Guide 
This workbook (PDF) will help you track your child's stressors that may be impacting their behavior, with space for your notes.

Bonus #4: Beneath the Behavior Notes 
This PDF includes thorough notes on the concepts and information we cover, so that you can just fully listen!

Bonus #5:  Four Lenses to Use to Identify Stressors Checklist: A Starting Point 
This resource (PDF) is a helpful starting point, providing a  comprehensive list of possible, potential stressors that may be impacting your child’s behavior.

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Still Not Sure?

Taking advantage of "The New Roadmap to Parenting Today Mentorship Program" might seem stressful - one more investment of time, money and energy, which is already limited, to find the ultimate path to transforming your child’s behavior for the better.

I get it. I really do.

I have been there – and it was painful, overwhelming and stressful.

But consider this:


  1. How can you effectively solve the problem of this challenging behavior, if you don’t know what’s causing it?
  2. What about the average costs of other support you may seek out (or already have), such as occupational therapists, child psychiatrists, doctors,  neuropsychological practitioners, play therapists etc?  This approach will help you identify the resources and support your child really needs. 

  3. What if this approach supports not only your child, in self-regulation, but your own as well?  And when we are calm and grounded, our children are more calm and grounded… and when our children are better at managing life, we are better at managing parenting!

  4. This is the most foundational approach to supporting our children – the body-based approach. It is essential to understand how the body, and in particular, the nervous system, which is throughout the body and brain, works, in order to deeply understand what is driving behavior.  And only then can we provide effective, sustainable techniques and strategies, to transform their behavior in a more positive direction.


Then the training, along with the support you'll receive in the online community, could change your life. For the better.


Purchase the New Roadmap to Parenting Today now!

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you are wondering...

Meet Melissa

Before becoming parents, we imagine the little one holding our hand, toddling along, playing games, and sharing stories.  And then, we disover... wow, it can be SO HARD sometimes. I feel you.

What do we do when our child's behavior is off the rails, inexplicable, challenging and sometimes exhausting?

I want to put your mind at ease. Transformation is possible. As a mama, I had to learn the secrets of self-regulation for my son (and myself!), which has truly changed our experience for the better.

And I can teach you too.

My professional background as an experienced coach, educator and trained and certified in self-regulation, along with my personal experience of parenting our young son with unique needs, provides me with the knowledge, expertise and experience to best support you. I will create a safe, non-judgmental space to facilitate your own family transformation!

Read more.