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If your parenting journey is too stressful, filled with tantrums, meltdowns, outbursts, defiance, resistance and more...

And if what you have been doing is not working, then here's why.

This short eBook will highlight, in a clear, easy and readable way, the new path to parenting... based on the last four decades of neuroscience research, to bring more ease, joy and resilience to your parenting!

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Four Quick Chapters to a Whole New Approach to Parenting



Meet me, Melissa, and discover where we were (Very Tough Place as Parents) and what we learned (So MUCH) and how that completely transformed our child's behavior, and our own experience of parenting. It changed everything. For the better. 


The [Old] Behavior Management Approach

Discover the outdated, ineffective approach to parenting: Behavior Management and learn why this doesn't work for those challenging behaviors. (And if this did work, it would have worked by now, amirite!??)


The New Body-Informed Parenting Approach

Discover the three essential new learnings that define this approach (hint: the body, compassionate curiosity and self-compassion). 


The NEW Roadmap to Parenting Today

Discover the specific mile markers that will guide you on this new parenting journey...the road less traveled, that will lead you to a parenting experience with less stress and more joy and connection.


I'm Melissa

Before becoming parents, we imagine the little one holding our hand, toddling along, playing games, and sharing stories.  And then, we, it can be SO HARD sometimes. I feel you.

What do we do when our child's behavior is off the rails, inexplicable, challenging and sometimes exhausting?

I want to put your mind at ease. Transformation is possible. As a mama, I had to learn the secrets of self-regulation for my son (and myself!), which has truly changed our experience for the better.

And I can teach you too. 

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Inner Wisdom Parenting, founded by Melissa Holland, M.S., is based in Boulder, CO, and offers online classes and coaching to support parents in responding to their child's challenging behaviors, and helping their child become more calm, connected and cooperative
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