A New View of ODD:

(Oppositional Defiant Disorder):

And What Really Works

What if…

  • ...there was a NEW way to view ODD, that led to a more effective way to respond?
  • ...ODD is not really a “disorder”?*
  • ...there is cause for hope and compassion for these  disrespectful, stressful, overwhelming, exhausting  :) I mean, challenging children of ours?
  • ...and what if that changes everything?

Join me for this online, on-demand course to discover a new and emerging view of ODD, drawing upon the latest research of neuroscience, to better understand what is going on with your child.

Almost 90% of effective problem-solving is due to understanding the problem. Once we understand it more clearly and thoroughly, the way forward becomes clearer as well.

*Um, the behaviors are REAL. So very real. We are not questioning that. I have actually hidden all the possible weapons in our house, so I know it's real. We are talking about how we view ODD, and how seeing it as a "disorder" and a "diagnosis" is both helpful and hurtful... and shapes how we will respond to their behavior.  



In this course, we will:

  • Deconstruct the current view of ODD as a mental health disorder
  • Discover why the outdated “behavior management approach” is not only ineffective, but often makes things worse
  • Explore a new way to view ODD, that leaves us with more hope, more optimism and a clearer path forward

In addition to the online videos and handouts, you will also receive access to the Inner Wisdom Parenting Online Community, for two months.  This provides a supportive, welcoming online space, to post questions, concerns, wins as well as the opportunity to attend live Zoom sessions, 1 - 2 times a month, for Q&A!  Replays will be posted in the community. Also, you will be able to connect with Melissa during office hours, both drop-in and short scheduled times, as well as post questions for feedback and support.

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"A New View of ODD and What Really Works" 
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About me:

Hi, I'm Melissa!

I’m a mom to an amazing eight-year-old boy.  When he was four years old, his behavior really went off the rails in a rather spectacular and upsetting way, with very intense ODD and ADHD behaviors.

We had no idea what was going on at the time, were overwhelmed and stressed beyond belief and terrified this would be our new reality. (Just FYI, he was adopted at birth, and had been exposed to drugs and alcohol in utero...just one of the many factors involved in this journey!)

If I had known then, what I know now....we would have had a very different journey, and one filled with more hope, resilience and less stress!  But we did muddle through and we "course corrected", learned along the way, and I’m grateful to share that today, we are in a completely different place. (And it did not take four years!)

As a response to that overwhelming (and humbling) experience, I started studying and training in self-regulation for the past five years, becoming certified in emotional and self-regulation.  

I am passionate about providing parents that exact kind of support and help we needed. There is hope. And I will hold that for you, until you feel it for yourself, and experience it as well!

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